How does it all work?

Before the proofread or copyedit:

Get in contact with more information about your project. What type of writing is it? How many words? What is the target audience? What is the timescale you are working to?

For smaller projects (fewer than 10,000 words), I’ll get back in touch with a quote and to make arrangements for the edit including for payment. If you’re happy to go ahead, I’ll schedule it in.

For larger projects (more than 10,000 words), I’ll arrange a free sample edit, so that you can get a sense of my editing style and I can see how much work is needed, so that I can provide a more accurate quote for the project.

If you agree to go ahead after the sample edit, I will schedule in the work (and, if yours is a larger project, ask for an advance payment of 50% of the total cost).

After the proofread or copyedit:

I’ll send back your document with any changes and/or queries clearly visible (either through track changes and comments on Word, or marked up clearly on a PDF or paper). I can also provide a clean version with my changes incorporated, if needed.

I will then invoice for the project fee (or the remaining 50% of the project fee, if you paid 50% in advance).


I mainly work with digital files, and will edit your project using the tools available on Word documents and PDFs. If requested, I am happy to work on paper proofs and/or using the BSI proofmarking symbols.