Every project is different and it can be difficult to provide an accurate quote on word count alone. There are other factors which will determine how long it will take to complete a thorough proofread or copy-edit.

It might also depend on, for example, how complex or technical the content is, whether it uses cross-referencing or numbering systems which require additional checking, or how much intervention is actually needed.

If the text is straightforward and already in good shape, I may be able to get through 2500-3000 words every hour. If it’s full of cross-references and requires more intervention, I will inevitably have to work more slowly.

That’s why I offer all prospective clients a free sample edit. This is an opportunity for you to get a sense of whether my editing style works for you, and for me to determine how much work is needed so that I can provide you with an accurate quote for the work.

Get in contact with me here, and I’ll get back in touch to arrange your free sample edit.

I am keen to be as transparent as I can about the amount I charge. I use the Society for Proofreaders and Editors suggested minimum rates as a starting point (you can find them here), but take other factors into account when putting together your quote. I am happy to provide more information about how I decide what to charge in individual cases, if needed.