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Who is this service for?

Authors who are happy with the structure of their text, but want to ensure that the language is clear, correct and appropriate for their audience. It should take place before your final proofreading, while there is still scope to make substantive changes.

What is included?

A detailed line-by-line edit with the aim of ensuring that your text is easy to follow, accurate, appropriate for your audience and as error-free as possible. It involves checking the following:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • Clarity
  • Consistency (e.g. of spelling, hyphen use)
  • Tone and appropriateness for your target audience
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Repetition that could be avoided
  • Awkward phrasing that could be improved
  • Gaps in information
  • Basic fact-checking

A style sheet detailing style decisions on punctuation, hyphenation, capitalisation, spelling choices, etc. , and information about the dictionary and style guide followed. The style sheet helps ensure that your work is consistent, as well as correct.

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