Past projects

In addition to the below, I also do freelance work for several UK publishing companies.

The Snow Cat Prince – Dina Norlund, illustrator and author

Testimonial: “[Kate] worked through the whole comic and weeded out the awkward parts and dialogue! It was nerve wracking letting someone read ‘The Snow Cat Prince’ for the first time that wasn’t one of my family members, but Kate was extremely professional, quick and kind.”

Fantasy novels (more details coming soon)

Collection of short horror stories – Christoper Kruse, independent author
Testimonial: “I think these are the best feedbacks I’ve ever gotten. I knew I had technical aspects that were holding things hostage, but having a fresh pair of eyes be able to objectively spot where I’ve been making those mistakes is extremely helpful and saves so much time. You’ve made my month!”

Sci-fi novel – independent author
Testimonial: “In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I needed a proofreader. I went through my novel multiple times, and had a few friends help me. I spent hours and hours, but in the end, I was still surprised by how many flaws I missed; grammar, inconsistencies, plot holes, incorrect use of language… These kind of errors would make me cringe if I found out about them after sending my work to an agent or publishing house. I’m really glad I hired Kate. She’s helped me tremendously in ironing out my novel to a professional standard.”

Teacher workload: How to Master it and Get Your Life Back – Bruno Gomes, teacher and author
Testimonial: “When I set out to write a book my plan was to write something good and then give it to a competent editor who could make it great. Kate did that and much more. Communication was excellent from beginning to end and despite the tight turnaround, my manuscript was handed back to me before the deadline.

Kate’s attention to detail was impressive; the comments, suggestions and changes all made sense. She allowed the ‘voice’ of the book to really shine through and was able to really put herself in the shoes of the reader. The outcome was above my expectations.

I recommend Kate’s work without reservations and will definitely be using her services again in the future.

Case study and website pages, Department of Play (Game Consultancy)
Testimonial: “I recently worked with Kate to help me with some copy editing. She’s absolutely brilliant – if you need anything editing then I really recommend her.”

Academic thesis on EU law