Past projects

In addition to the below, I also do freelance work for several UK publishing companies.

  • Graphic novel (more details coming soon)
  • Fantasy novel (more details coming soon)
  • Sci-fi novel – independent author
    Testimonial: “In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I needed a proofreader. I went through my novel multiple times, and had a few friends help me. I spent hours and hours, but in the end, I was still surprised by how many flaws I missed; grammar, inconsistencies, plot holes, incorrect use of language… These kind of errors would make me cringe if I found out about them after sending my work to an agent or publishing house. I’m really glad I hired Kate. She’s helped me tremendously in ironing out my novel to a professional standard.”
  • Collection of short horror stories – Christoper Kruse, independent author
    Testimonial: “I think these are the best feedbacks I’ve ever gotten. I knew I had technical aspects that were holding things hostage, but having a fresh pair of eyes be able to objectively spot where I’ve been making those mistakes is extremely helpful and saves so much time. You’ve made my month!”
  • Case study and website pages, Department of Play (Game Consultancy)
    Testimonial: “I recently worked with Kate to help me with some copy editing. She’s absolutely brilliant – if you need anything editing then I really recommend her.”
  • Academic thesis on EU law
  • Non-fiction book (more details coming soon)