Who is this service for?

Authors who are happy with the content of their work, but want a last line of defence against any errors. It should take place in the very final stages before publication.

What’s included?

A detailed letter-by-letter check addressing the following:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Formatting (including numbering and lists)
  • Cross-references and contents
  • Layout

Any corrections will be marked with track changes, and queries or anything that is unclear will be marked with comments.

A style sheet detailing style decisions on punctuation, hyphenation, capitalisation, spelling choices, etc. , and information about the dictionary and style guide followed. The style sheet helps ensure that your work is consistent, as well as correct.

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I engaged Kate primarily as a copy-editor/proofreader. She was a good communicator both in email and within the document, careful and thorough, asked good questions and made excellent suggestions, and took pains not to impose personal tastes or interests on the work. It was very helpful working with someone who was experienced with horror as she took the text on its own terms and did not flinch. She kept to the timeline that she proposed, and I felt her fee was fair given the nature of the work, and the highly professional result. I would definitely consult her on other projects in future. She was a pleasure to work with.